Tuesday, 13 March 2007

International Evening at Lancaster

Enjoy This!! jUSt found it from Sis Idlan Blog. Thanks a thousand lemon to Sis Idlan n org yg ambik this vid :)

2 March 07

Sheffield Gig Rawk!!

10 March 07
Broomhall Community Centre, Broomspring Lane, Sheffield

Best..mmg best..But, as always,penat la kan.Of course. I took a bus from Lancs Uni at 10.20 and arrived there at 16.00. Makan2 wif Kak Idlan (mkn pizza tuh..hihi.Wpon we supposed to take the left over, dah siap bungkus plak tuh..tp, lupa..ish2 ader ke patut), then g gig tuh.Sesat2 lg tuh.haha.Performance mlm tuh mmg berbaloi la..dtg jauh2,dpt enjoy.hilang penat terus. Wpon at the beginning sound mcm tak berapa bagus..but it getting better for others. U guyz mmg rawk la!!

-12th flames-apocalypse kaw kaw-kemunchup chenta se-malu-ah lian hot pants-bantal kekabu-no smoking & a cup of coffee-from curry to kurma-scratch-forbidden donut-
Million thanks to Bro.Kudo..Dapat merasa nasi goreng sheffield..hihi. Sng2,mai la ke Lancs ek :)
Bagi sesapa yg ade Facebook, gbr i dah taruk kat dlm tuh..just check it out k!